Art should move people. Simply put, good art moves people; bad art doesn’t. So, any art done in the name of God, under the banner of Christianity, ought to be done in such a way that it moves people.

    If it isn’t moving people, then it must be improved upon or not used at all. This is not to say that it has to be perfect, but it must be done with excellence – the best one can do with what he or she has been given.

    As artists offer their gifts and abilities to be used by God, they create moments of awe that effectively resonate His life-changing message to others, moments of awe where the hearts of others are opened to the grace and goodness of God.


    As an instrument to bless, inspire, teach, and encourage (in a word, move) the church body The arts have always been used to bless, inspire, teach, and encourage (beginning with God creating the universe!). Following His example, art – done well – can be used in the church to bless God’s people. God, the prophets, Jesus, and many others used songs, stories, dramatic elements, and visuals to minister in one way or another. Good art moves people emotionally and paves the road for a life-changing message. Good art provides an avenue for people to express their worship of God. As a tool to proclaim God’s glory to those who don’t know Him Whether creating, performing, or displaying the arts to the community outside the church, they can be used as a tool for outreach and proclamation of the name of Jesus. Art can be used to convey a message that sometimes words alone cannot. As an opportunity for artistic people to express worship in creative ways, individually and corporately Singing, painting, acting, etc. are outlets for artists to create and perform for the glory of God, whether they do it privately or collectively. Not only is it gratifying for the artists to use the talent God has given them, but it is also a privilege to present it as worship to Him. As a bonding agent to bring and hold together a community of creative, talented believers everyone has been created to know and be known, love and be loved, and serve and be served. Though commonly introverted, artists still share that same need. Having artistic tendencies and characteristics, artists can draw from a natural synergy and relate together well as a community of artists. 


    Audio Visual Team (Camera operation, lighting, audio, media presentation) Responsibilities include attendance for Sunday morning run through and service, and special events. If interested, please contact Lucas Payton at Lucaspayton@charity.church

    Band (Rhythmic and orchestral instruments) and Vocal Team

    Responsibilities include attendance at Thursday evening rehearsal, Sunday morning run through and service, and special events. For band and vocal team, please contact the worship pastor at the church office. 

    POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE IN WORSHIP ARTS MINISTRY We are always looking to expand our worship arts ministry. If you’re gifted and interested in any of the following areas, please contact the worship pastor at the church office: Drama, Dance, Writing/Poetry, Visual Arts, Videography, Photography. 



    We believe it is the personal responsibility of every believer to actively live out the Great Commission of making disciples in all the earth, by giving through Faith Promise, going across the street and around the world with the love and good news of Christ, praying for the work already being done and that God would send out laborers into the fields, and welcoming the nations arriving at our doorstep. Following the pattern demonstrated in Acts 1:8, we believe this must be applied in both local and global contexts, as well as in different cultures within our own borders. 

    As a global strategy, we believe our three-fold task as a church is to proclaim the gospel to the least reached and plant churches where there is no evangelical presence (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8; Romans 15:20-21), to come alongside of and empower struggling local churches in areas where they already exist (Acts 8:14), and to provide for the most vulnerable by demonstrating the compassionate love of Christ (Matthew 15:30-31; Luke 4:18-19). 


    Food Pantry Ministry Hours: Tuesday Morning 9:15am-10:30am Wednesday Night 6:45pm-8:00pm

    Closet of Love Ministry Hours: Tuesday Morning 9:15am-10:30am Wednesday Night 6:45pm-8:00pm

    Charity Cares Event 

    Each year, over one hundred Charity volunteers join together in performing multiple community projects. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming 2020 event. 


    We believe God is strategically sending people to our area from nations and people groups that are otherwise virtually unreachable with the gospel of Christ. In partnership with World Relief, High Point, NC, there are many opportunities to welcome these refugee families to our area through these exciting opportunities (click on each opportunity for more info):

    1. Welcome Kits

    2. Good Neighbor Teams

    3. Home Set Up Teams

    4. Friendship Partner

    5. Interpreter

    6. Road Runner


    Charity Baptist is involved in many strategic mission partnerships with missionaries and organizations on five continents. These partnerships involve funding, hands on service, and prayer. Every year we take teams across international borders to proclaim, empower, and provide! We'd love for you to join a team. If you're interested, please call or email the church office. In the meantime, click here to check out our highlight video of past trips! 



    FAITH PROMISE GIVING The Faith Promise Offering is a method of giving to missions by individuals or families through their local church. A Faith Promise is made to contribute a certain amount, either weekly or monthly, to the missionary fund of the local church over and above the usual tithe, building fund, and other offerings. It is based upon faith and is given first, just as the tithe, trusting God for needs. It follows the basic biblical principle of sowing and reaping, sowing always being first. 

    GIC (Global Impact Celebration) 

    Our annual GIC is a time dedicated to celebrating all that God has been doing around the world and inspiring the church body for greater involvement in His Great Commission. 


    Click below to read the latest missionary updates and prayer needs Michael & Monica Titus Glenn & Debbie Benfield Max & Jennifer Kennedy Jeff & Jen Schmidt Jason & Sara Tierney Chris & Lenee' Oakley Clare & Donna Jewell Victor & Joanne Ababa Onjang & Rani Haokip Jim & Sterling O'Neill


    Our Men's Ministry gathers several times throughout the year for food, fun, and fellowship. They hear from various guest speakers and serve together on community projects. Open to all ages of men. 

    Meeting Dates:



    Our JOY Senior ministry is for adults ages 50 and up. They gather together several times throughout the year for meals, fun and fellowship. 


    Healing Hearts is our Widow Ministry. They meet the 3rd Thursday of the month for food, fellowship, and fun throughout the year along with fun day trips.